I loved the conference!  I have been to quite a few types of conferences over the years, and this was one of the most beneficial.  Please put me on a list for future classes.

Live life smiling!

Having recently retired from Microsoft after 15 years, I was attracted to the 3 social media presentations by Eric Spellmann. He was an amazing speaker and I would have paid hundreds to hear him! And if Tesla cars could hold all the energy in Doreen Sullivan’s Creative Marketing presentation, they would be able to make it cross-country in one charge!  I had a great day and learned a lot. Sign me up for next year!

Matt Papes

P.S. Feel free to edit this, but I think you get the idea. I loved the conference!


Dear Rock Hill SBDC Team,

Good morning.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you at the Business Success Extravaganza! 

I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for being invited to your event and also to express how great it was.  You definitely could have fooled me into thinking this event has been going on for years as beautifully executed that it was.  I know it takes a lot of time and commitment to plan an event such as this.  The planning that goes into an event of this size can be stressful and each and every one of you involved did a fantastic job!  The events I have been involved in with my agency have been all day events, but with only one session going on every hour.  Wow, Your program had multiple sessions to select from for the hour time slots and just enough time for breaks in between. 

The topics and the presenters were top notch.  Winthrop University is such a beautiful campus and the facilities are so high tech!  You all thought of everything, every detail, down to the parking!  Your team is the “Success”€ť in the Business Success Extravaganza!

Thank you so much for the work you do for small businesses in South Carolina and your partnership with IRS.

Nivia P Hayes, MBA

Stakeholder Liaison


Columbia, SC

TV Talk about Extravaganza on CN2 -- Click here

Pre-Event radio interview with WRHI’s Freddi Hammer & Chuck Boozer



Business Success Extravaganza ... a day to listen, ask questions, find new answers to old questions, network ..... it’s something for everyone!


The entire event was amazing, the quality of the speakers, the content, even the food was great.  I also liked that there was a good mix of long term business owners and new and inspiring entrepreneurs attending.  I look forward to future events.

Also I meant to ask, Eric Spellmann mentioned that we could get a copy of his presentation from you,  I would love that.

Thank you,

Terrice McClain,

SkyPros Visual Marketing and Aerial Cinematography



Thank you so much! It was an awesome day! You did a fantastic job! Can't wait till the next one!

Archie Johnson, Manager

Small Business Lending, Community Works


Greenville, SC  29607


The Business Success Extravaganza was a SUCCESS! I must say it far exceeded my expectations. The speakers were knowledgeable, passionate about what they do and very personable. They are successful in their fields and were more than happy to share their formulas for success. Thank you so much for doing this.

Kittie Watson was amazing. So much knowledge. Her session was packed full of helpful information and very relevant.

Doreen Sullivan, one word…AMAZING!!!! I did not want her session to end. She’s an inspiration. She loves what she does. Her energy and passion is contagious!

Eric Spellman helped me to have a new respect for social media.

Deborah Saunders    www.PuttGirl.com


Great job

I am so glad that I cleared my schedule to attend the 2015 Business Success Extravaganza. The speakers were knowledgeable, engaging and accessible. In addition to the informative sessions, I met some wonderful people and found the networking very beneficial. Thank you, SBDC for another great opportunity!

Stacey Bevill

Ask and Receive, Inc



The two speakers I heard were Doreen Sullivan and Eric Spellmann.  Both were fantastic - both speakers made time fly by in that they seemed to talk for only about 15 minutes, because they were so interesting and full of ideas. Eric has now convinced me to actually start using Facebook as a good source of advertising, and Doreen taught me using unusual, weird ideas can be very good ways to introduce your company to others, something I was not good at.  Glad I went!

Ed Koos, Owner  

Center City Frame Gallery

625 N. Trade Street

Winston Salem, NC



I looked over my notes again from the Small Business Extravaganza at Winthrop last week and I want to thank Kittie Watson for speaking that day. Much of what she shared I am processing, still! However, two points she brought up in her presentation call to me on a deeper level.

The first was the direct question: Which of the many hats I wear am I ready to give away? 

The second point which resonated with me was the out-of-the-box positive deviant concept. It fits perfectly with my company's philosophy and describes one of my team members perfectly!

I appreciate Kittie’s insights, time and expertise, and do hope I can participate in another workshop of hers in the future.




Thank you for the Extravaganza!  It truly helped me and I am meeting with both teachers from the classes I attended.  I am very inspired and re-energized from the conference.



Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your first Business Extravaganza event. I met some awesome people and gained a wealth of knowledge that I can definitely apply.


I would like to thank you and the hard work of all of the SC SBDC Winthrop Region staff for putting together such a great event.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned much that I have already been able to implement at A+ Medical.  

Jared Garbett

Business Development

A+ Medical Company, Inc.



My business success depends upon effective marketing and connecting with other businesses and individuals. The speakers were excellent, and the Extravaganza was well organized and exceeded my expectations. I will be applying the many lessons learned from this event.

Starr Dunbar         Orangeburg, SC

Thomas Smith

Commercial and Financial Services Associate  

Angel Insurance & Financial Services  

404 Oakland Ave, Rock Hill, SC 29730 

4523 Park Rd, Suite 103A, Charlotte, NC 28209


 Owner Rinehart Realty, and

Speaker at Business Success Extravaganza 2015

Jay Rinehart


Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be part of your excellent event!  Congratulations on the success!

Business Extravaganza includes several break out sessions
Banquet Hall - Extravaganza buffet
Lewis Jeter listening intently
Eric Spellmann on SEO and being found on Google
Deborah Saunders, Putt Girl author and golf clinic organizer

Well organized, well spaced as far as timing, great food and informative topics!  I know you put a great deal of time and effort into this and it showed!  Bravo!

Joanie Winters, Attorney At Law, Chester, SC

Enjoyed the event yesterday…WELL DONE!! 

Renn Mills                                                                                                                     Provident Business Financial Services





Ed Brock on How to Get Your Business Funded
A session on Google's Let's Put Our Cities on the Map  program
Aaron Wesley Means speaking on communication and engagement marketing
Salad, Lasagna, veggies, breads and tiramisu .... a great conference buffet lunch.
Business Success Extravaganza  brings together great speakers ... national, local, and real entrepreneurs to tell their stories

It was a dynamite event -- you all rock!

Aaron Wesley Means                                                          Activate Business Solutions

That was a great Extravaganza! I learned so much and was entertained as well! Cant wait until the next one!!

Danita Treiber                                                                      Southern Charm Events

Bara Wetherell, Professional Relations Coordinator

Thomas & Leitner Orthodontists


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