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The Winthrop Region office for the SC SBDC is hosted by Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC


Winthrop Region Small Business Development Center serves the areas of Rock Hill, Florence and Myrtle Beach, SC, providing a variety of services  for smalll business owners and  those who want to start a business

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Winthrop Region SBDC .... your local Rock Hill office of the

SC Small Business Development Centers

We Offer Business Consultation Services for Businesses: Big, Small, New, Generations Old, or still in the idea stage. 

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Step-by Step to Grow Your Business

Here’s our process to determine what you need to develop your business


  To help with your planning:

Create your financial model (video) - courtesy Alaska SBDC

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Start-Up Guidelines

Small Business News Blog

See what business building assistance from the SBDC has done for some of our larger small businesses across the state ... view the SBDC video here



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About the SBDC


Why Do I Need to Write A Business Plan?

THE BUSINESS PLAN (download a free Business Plan Template here)

Every business begins with an idea, and a business plan is necessary to guide the investigation and development of this idea.

If you were planning a vacation with your family to an area that you've never visited, you would ask questions about places to stay, things to do, places to eat, weather, etc.  If the area sounds attractive, then you plan how to get there. If you decide to drive, now is the time to study the road map and plan your trip.

A business plan is the road map for the success of your business. In writing a business plan, you will consider all the parts of your business - -in detail. You will look carefully at your business, the industry, your competition, your customers, and your ability for success.

Click here for goal-setting tips that will help you form your Business Plan.


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