Myrtle Beach Area Center - SBDC STAFF

Myrtle Beach Area Center, located at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC serves Georgetown and Horry Counties.  To schedule an appointment with consultants in these counties, visit their 

SBDC E-Center appointment center to be contacted for a consultation.  To simply as a question of the Myrtle Beach consultants, please use the Myrtle Beach Contact Form here, or go to our Myrtle Beach Area website .  The Myrtle Beach Area center is located at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC.

Janet Graham,
Area Manager

Email Janet here.

Telephone: (843) 349-4010

Bernita Platt,
Business Consultant

Email Bernita here.

Telephone:  (843) 349-4010

The Myrtle Beach Area Center serves Horry and Georgetown Counties.  Please use this form if you just wish to ask a question of our Myrtle Beach Area consultants.   If you are ready to schedule a consultation in the Myrtle Beach Area, visit our Myrtle Beach SBDC E-Center appointment center to be contacted by a Consultant.