Step-by Step to Grow Your Business ... The Process . . .

When you call for help, we take appropriate steps to insure that we serve you well whether that includes an immediate appointment, or making suggestions for some preliminary work on your part. We need to make sure you have all the information you need and have taken the appropriate initial steps to insure you're ready to start or expand a business.

Step 1 -- Fill out our website Contact Form  with a brief description of the business concept you’re considering, or a description of your existing business. Answering those few brief questions will help us decide what we need to do first to best serve you.  Each client's needs are different, and our initial analysis of what you need helps us to avoid wasting your time or ours.  We want to get you set up with the right consultants, and that you get correct information and services in a timely fashion.

Step 2 -- Click here to see how a typical inquiry for assistance for a Start-Up Business or an Existing Business might be handled.

What Can Small Business Development Centers Do For Small Businesses?

Where Do I Start To Create Or Grow My Business?


WinthropSBDC -- Proud winners of the SBA’s Excellence & Innovation Award for 2014 for the Southeastern United States.

The Rock Hill Center of SC Small Business Development Centers was honored with the 2015 Excellence & Innovation Award for the SBA's southeastern region, covering eight southern states.

One-on-one consultations to assist business owners as they grow, as well as helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop business plans to prepare to find financing and get their ventures open for business.  Whether just starting out or looking for advice on expansion possibilities, we invite you to  participate in the business workshops we offer to benefit start-ups, business owners, CEOs and the companies they run. 

We have workshops on starting a business, complying with taxes and legal requirements, franchising, marketing, or explain how we can help you get an online presence on a shoestring budget.  Browse our site now to find many answers about opening or operating a small business.

Ask any of our clients and they’’ll tell you that the SBDC offers the best  business assistance you can get ..... and with the exception of some  workshops they may have attended, or having a start-up website built, it didn’t cost them a dime!


The WinthropSBDC is funded by the SBA and the State of South Carolina, and hosted by Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC

Small Business Development Center located at Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

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Rock Hill Area SBDC serves Rock Hill, Union, Florence, Cheraw, Myrtle Beach and Georgetown Counties in South Carolina

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