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Resources for Your Small Business

Small Business Resources

The Winthrop Region Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is proud to offer a number of in-house training and resources for you to access. Additionally, you can access other training and resources from our trusted partners. 

Click on the links below to learn more.

A comprehensive suite of resources to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of starting a new business successfully.

Valuable resources and guidance to help businesses navigate the intricacies of government contracting and seize opportunities in the public sector.

Essential resources to help businesses strengthen their cybersecurity measures and protect sensitive digital assets.

Navigate the complexities of international trade, enabling them to expand their reach and capitalize on global markets.

Access anextensive catalogue of our previous training.

Starting a business can be confusing and frustrating. The SBDC has counselors ready to help you through the process and each SBDC office is familiar with local resources you will need to work through each step.

Access specialized resources to optimize operations, promote sustainable practices, and navigate the unique challenges of the agricultural industry.

Tailored resources to aid businesses in recovering from challenges, fostering their resilience and sustained growth.

Helps existing business owners reset their new business and position it for growth and participation in the Greenville Chamber MBA program.

Get smart on SBA's Business Loan Program policies.

General Assistance || Calculators || Credit Management || Research & Planning
Funding || Food Service || Human Resources || Disaster & Pandemic

The South Carolina Small Business Development Center (SC SBDC) offers information to assist entrepreneurs. 

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